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We are suppliers of specially selected in vitro diagnostics aimed at retailers and the professional sector. Our IVDs assist medical professionals in screening, evaluating and confirming a number of medical diagnoses, from testing a pregnancy to checking for infectious diseases or conditions.

HPV16 L1 - vaccination effectiveness control gl


HPV16 L1 - vaccination effectiveness control

  • Since 2006, international vaccination programmes have been established to protect people from Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) to avoid virus-induced cervical cancer.
  • Official recommendation is vaccinating girls between 12 and 17 years and sexually active women who already may have had an HPV infection.
  • As with many vaccines, the person’s immune system may not respond positively - almost 10% of patients are non-responders.
  • 48 months after vaccination, anti-HPV-Ab titre can decrease by up to 90%

Although the HPV vaccine is often successful, its efficacy varies greatly from person to person so there are no guarantees of its protection. Therefore the HPV Serostat is an excellent way to control and monitor the vaccination’s effectiveness. The test detects antibody concentrations in the blood to check if adequate protection is being provided by the vaccination. If the test results are negative, the antibody levels are too low to offer effective protection from the HPV virus. This is important to establish as it leaves the person vulnerable to the virus and other options will need to be considered as soon as possible, i.e. taking a booster shot or using an alternative vaccine.

  • HPV Serostat represents the first commercially available HPV Ab rapid test.
  • Easy to use with clear results in just 15 minutes.
  • Positive test results indicate amounts of antibodies above the level of natural infections.
  • Immunological detection of antibodies against HPV16 L1.
  • Can be used for both immunization control after vaccination and titre check 48 months afterwards.