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We are suppliers of specially selected in vitro diagnostics aimed at retailers and the professional sector. Our IVDs assist medical professionals in screening, evaluating and confirming a number of medical diagnoses, from testing a pregnancy to checking for infectious diseases or conditions.

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Folic acid




1 tablet = 400 μg = 100% RDA


Quantity: 600 tablets
Vitamin: Folate 400 mg
(pteroylmonoglutamic acid)
The product is vegetarian and lactose-free

  • Folic acid is an important daily requirement before and during pregnancy in order to help prevent malformation of the baby’s spinal cord and brain.
  • Older people are also recommended to have a daily supplement of folic acid, as folate aids normal functioning of the immune system, helps maintain normal physiological function and reduces symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Handy blister pack with smaller, easy to swallow tablets.
  • No artificial colours or unnecessary bulking agents.

Taking MINI Folic Acid supplements on a daily basis when planning a pregnancy or in the early stages of pregnancy helps reduce the risk of birth defects of the baby’s spine and brain. MINI Folic Acid tablets contain the dose of 400 mg as recommended by the Danish Health Authority to be consumed during the first trimester of pregnancy.
ABBLO MINI Folic Acid tablets have a small, easy-to-swallow size and are packaged in a compact and convenient blister pack.